A Postseason Interview with MLB Insider, Skeeter Rosin


Some technical difficulties interrupted this week’s regularly-scheduled JoeSportsFan Show.  Never fear; for we have a little nicotine patch of audible goodness to get you through the week.  To be perfectly honest, we were going to scratch this week’s effort all together…but when you have MLB insider Skeeter Rosin booked as a guest, you make it work.

The MLB season is over.  This much we know.  At least, we think.  There are other undisputed facts on the table and a lot to sift through about the 2012 season.  It’s tough for bloggers like us to rationale the madness, which is why we bring in someone with years of experience and sources as plentiful as his for days.  He was born to do this.  Skeeter Rosin.

This week we get Skeeter’s thoughts on the MLB playoffs, the Hot Stove market and how John Mabry will succeed in his role as the new hitting coach of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Oh, and you should be following Skeeter’s insight on Twitter.

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