Weekly Hypothetical: Pick One Active or Retired Player to Crank Up the Intrigue at the 2012 All Star Game


By this point, we’ve all heard about the Tony La Russa/Dusty Baker spat stemming from the perceived slight in the All-Star reserve selections. Even if the manager is a ceremonial, post-retirement figurehead sitting in the dugout, it’s inevitable that he is going to catch some heat trying to pick from the pool of current players.

Manager of an All Star Game can be a prestigious role. It can also be controversial. It can be empowering yet demoralizing. Every team participates, but some still complain.

But critics such as Dusty Baker ignore that the true influence on the rosters exists within the target audience – the fans. Not only are the fans responsible for the starters, but also capping off the rosters by voting in one final participant.

And no matter what Bud Selig and his minions tell the public, the true motivation driving MLB is not determining World Series home field advantage, it’s pulling every string they can find to tick TV ratings up a few notches.

So what if we shook things up a bit and offered more intrigue to the final selections? What if the attention was taken off of moves that Tony La Russa and Ron Washington make with their limited power and the public spotlight was thrust onto a representative from the most powerful entity involved in the All Star Game.

It all leads to this week’s hypothetical:

Let’s do it.

In an unexpected move intended to boost sagging ratings, Bud Selig abandons the current fan voting aspect of the All Star Game and instead grants you the authority to appoint the final member of the National League team. As part of the arrangement, the pool of players you are allowed to choose from includes not just current, but former players who will be required to play despite the understanding that they may not be in peak shape. Your choice will be introduced in a dramatic entrance on gameday.

What player do you go with to enhance fan interest in the Midsummer Classic and why?

We’ll read the top three answers on Episode 14 of The JoeSportsFan Show this Friday and give a JSF logo t-shirt to the lucky individual that scores top honors. You can throw your hat into the ring one of three ways:

1.) Leave a comment below.

2.) Email us: theshow@joesportsfan.com.

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If you’ve got a thing for Twitter hashtags, slap #JSFHypothetical on your response.



  • Joe says:

    A.L. Ricky Henderson
    N.L. Mark McGwire

    Former TLR players, and just to see if they’ve still got it.

  • Coach Ruggeri says:

    I feel that Henry Rowengartner in his current, 31 year old form would be a super selection. Late in the game, say you bring in a guy with the kind of stuff Henry’s got. Fans will be sure to see some drama, in the form of four baggers.

  • Ricky V says:

    “in their current form”, you say? And there’s going to be an “dramatic entrance”? Got ya. I’m going with Ted Williams. What a ceremony that would be.

  • John Alicea says:

    Without question: John Kruk. Heck, maybe the American League version of me can also bring back Randy Johnson and have them square off like they did in 1993. Best ASG moment ever.

  • Matt says:

    Pete Rose. However, to circumvent any bad public relations, they have him enter the game under his beloved nickname Charlie Hustle. After the game, you can find him hawking his jersey at one of those truck stop/strip joint/porn shops off of I-70 on your way back to St. Louis.

  • ScottyP says:

    Randy Johnson. Someone needs to be thrown at.

  • Jared says:

    Jose Canseco’s twitter. Drama is birthed there.

  • James in Wichita says:

    Lenny Dykstra. Because it would be priceless to watch that a-hole try to play in an orange jumpsuit and ankle-shackles.

  • Ryan R says:

    If dead people count–Shoeless Joe. How awesome would that be?

    If they don’t– Bob Gibson. Two reasons: He still looks like he could give TLR an inning. And it would also be fun to see him intimidate the crap out of today’s AL All Stars…even though he’s in his 70′s.

  • Gary says:

    Tommy Herr and Tito Landrum….because having a teammate bang your wife and impregnate your wife never gets old. Bonus for not knowing until the baby is born with and afro and skin a thousand shades darker than either you or your wife.

  • Mark Dierker says:

    I’m going to go with Albert Belle. I mean, who would piss that guy off? And would love to see his response to todays soft media questions.

  • Caleb Yorks says:

    Babe Ruth. He would be the starting pitcher after Tony tells them he will not use the DH because it is not true to baseball. Not to mention Ruth coming back from the dead would raise the TV ratings by the millions. In addition, this act would draw the public attention away from Dusty Baker and his constant bickering.

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