EP 17: The One with Joe Garagiola (and Bernie Miklasz)


We talk frequently about the intersections of traditional media and new media on The JoeSportsFan Show, but one local guy that has walked down both aisles professionally and successfully is Bernie Miklasz. Most notably, he’s the lead sports columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and host of his own midday radio show on 101ESPN. Less notably, he made a guest appearance on the JoeSportsFan Show Kickstarter video.

It was time to bring the titan of the St. Louis sports media into the digital dojo to discuss everything from the media landscape…to press conference bouts with Tony La Russa…to drinking Busch beer in Whitey Herzog’s office.

Featured Guests: Bernie Miklasz

Random yet Contexual Show References: Dizzy Dean, Moonlight Graham, Mario and Luigi, St. Louis Steamers, Donnie Avery, Basil McRea, Mayor Slay and the 1904 Olympic Games.

Links Mentioned in Episode 17:
Tony La Russa confronts Bernie Miklasz (link)
Paul Cavilinni had his finger sliced off by a hockey puck (link)
Token Pittsburgh Pirates baseball card from the 80′s (link)
Bernie Miklasz’s column about Darryl Kile in 2002 (link)

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