EP26: The One with Tony Peña (and The Busch Stadium Sign Guy)


He’s a man who many have seen. But he’s not a man many have heard; that’s because he’s famous for drawing on cardboard. His name is Marty Prather and his accomplishments include a spot in the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame.  More affectionately, he’s known as the Busch Stadium Sign Guy.

Positioned in Section 139 along the first-base line, Sign Guy is known to block the vantage point of the poor souls situated behind him; but it’s the price St. Louisans pay for a cleverly-executed pun on poster board from Walmart.  Regardless, we’ve been known to unearth the underbelly of St. Louis fan legends and Sign Guy is at the top of that pyramid. We’re happy to have him today, to learn a little more about the man behind the magical Sharpie markers.

Featured Guest: Busch Stadium’s “Sign Guy”

Total Running Length: 44:40

Random, yet contextual, St. Louis sports references: Kyle Lohse, BJ Crombeen, Sergio Momesso, Jose Oquendo, So Taguchi, Happy Gilmore, Tony La Russa, Barry Bonds’ massive head and Kent Bottenfield

Odds and ends mentioned during this episode:
The periodic table of elements (link)
JoeSportsFan owned, SoTaguchi.com (link)
The Infamous Tony Peña Bowling Pin (link)
Matt Sebek on KMOV talking NLCS (link)
Stan Musial singing “Happy Birthday” (link)
Ozzie Smith’s memorabilia auction (link)

Some of Sign Guy’s Finest:

“Hey Barry, I found your helmet.” (link)
The Chicago Cubs’ Mount Chokemore (link)
“Our Squirrel” versus “Your Squirrel” (link)

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