EP29: The One with Stubby Clapp (and Joe Strauss)


In 1858, Joe Strauss was born in Cincinnati and became a successful pitcher AND outfielder in Major League Baseball from 1884 to 1886. He played for the Kansas City Cowboys, Brooklyn Grays and — well, dammit.  Wait a second.

Yep, burned by Wikipedia once again.  Damn bloggers.

Well, that was embarrassing.  Anyway, the local Joe Strauss is one that recently transitioned into the #2 columnist slot after serving as the lead Cardinals honcho since coming to the paper in 2002.  We brought him aboard this digital jamboree to chat about his promotion, his favorite athlete to cover, the best press box in the country and where the industry is headed.

Featured Guest: Joe Strauss

Total Running Time: 01:02:05

Random, yet contextual, episode references: Vince Coleman, Guy Herbert, John Smoltz, Tripp Cromer, Rex Hudler, Scott Rolen, press box cockroaches, Bernie Miklasz and the atomic number of copper.

Odds and ends mentioned during this episode:
The “other” Joe Strauss (link)
The “real” Joe Strauss writes about his new gig (link)
Cardinals fans wearing John Smoltz’s #30 jerseys (link)
VIDEO: Erik Dickerson singing “Ram It!” (link)
“Cousins of the Moose” playing a song entitled, “The Ballad of Stubby Clapp” (link)
Ozzie Smith is selling a poster signed by “The Simpsons” creator, Matt Groening (link)
In 1993, Vince Coleman threw fireworks into a crowd (link)

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