EP 18: The One with Andy Van Slyke (and The Cardinals Cowboy)


The response from last week’s show with Bernie Miklasz was tremendous.  It was a bit of a serious slant to The JoeSportsFan Show as we spent nearly 20-minutes talking about the state of the industry, where its been and where its headed.

Seven days later, we come back with an interview with Cardinal Cowboy.

(play: “crickets-chirping.mp3″)

Admittedly, it’s a bit of a curve ball.  But it’s part of our promise to bring some of St. Louis’ finest superfans out of the woodwork and into your eardrums.  Just like we did with St. Louis Superman and Rasmus Girl.  The Cardinal Cowboy is a staple of the Busch Stadium bleachers. He’s a grown man who wears a baseball jersey, baseball pants, a cowboy hat and is usually carrying around a fake World Series trophies.  We had to hear about the method behind the madness.

Featured Guests: Cardinal Cowboy

JoeSportsFan Original: “No Fat Cardinals is causing a decline in young, overweight ballplayers” (11:40)

Random yet Contexual Show References: Chris Sabo, Bernie Miklasz, Spanky Lavalliere, Luis Alicea, Rob Booker, Tony Twist, Brandon Phillips, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Wilson the volleyball from “Cast Away”.

Links Mentioned in Episode 18:

Cardinal Cowboy’s personal website (link)
Cardinal Cowboy’s footage of David Freese’s Game 6 HR (link)
Tony Twist’s lawsuit against Todd McFarlane‎ (link)
No African-Americans on Cardinals roster, few in the stands (link)
St. Louis woman tries to lure a fake monkey into her backyard (link)
Rawlings is suing Wilson (link)
This week’s Weekly Hypothetical (link)

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