JSF Show, Episode Two: The One with Carl Rose (and Dan McLaughlin)


Episode Two of The JoeSportsFan Show is upon us.  The over/under for “number of total episodes” was set at 1.5, so if you bet the under, we apologize.   If you missed out on the inaugural episode with David Freese last week, it’s not to late to catch up.  Or, make sure to subscribe (for free) via iTunes.

Without further ado, allow us to dive a little deeper into the elements of Episode Two with this Official Listeners Guide.

Special Guest: Dan McLaughlin

Beer of the Week:
Hommel Bier from Perennial Brewery (link)

Random yet contextual show references: Al Hrabosky, Mike Horan, JT Oshie, Jeffrey Leonard, Colby Rasmus’ chili dogs, Brian Conklin, That One Guy and JCOnTheLine.com

Links Mentioned in Episode One:
Colby Rasmus’ MLB.com Player Card (link)
St. Louis is America’s biggest fantasy baseball city (link)
The Transformation of Dan McLaughlin (link)
Kyle Turley Band playing at Blueberry Hill on Friday night (link)
A special guest visits the Kyle Turley Band (link)
Brian Conklin emotional press conference (link)

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Twitter: @JoeSportsFan
E-mail: theshow@joesportsfan.com

Special Thanks to:
ChaCha Chow

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