JSF Show, Episode Five: The One with Garth Butcher (and Jimmy Traina)


Sometimes you just have to pay tribute to Garth Butcher, the former Blues defensive who looks like Mike Myers and still has one of the finest hockey names in history.  Sometimes you also have to chat with Jimmy Traina, the purveyor of Sports Illustrated’s “Hot Clicks”, one of highest read daily columns on the internet.

And, of course, sometimes you have to imagine new ways to save terrestrial media.  Someone has to.

Let’s all dig a little deeper into Episode Five in this week’s Official Listeners Guide…

Special Guest: Jimmy Traina

Beer of the Week:
Export India Pale Ale from Schlafly (link)

Random yet contextual show references: Jose Oquendo, Bob Horner, Geoff Courtnall, Fernando Tatis, Tony Twist and Ron Gant.

Links Mentioned in Episode Four:
Jimmy Traina’s Most Memorable Moments at Hot Clicks (link)
Video: Fernando Tatis hits two grand slams (link)
Average price of beer across MLB stadiums (link)
SI.com’s “Best hockey names of all-time” (link)
Breaking MLB news with the great Skeeter Rosin (link)
The best of PUJOLS jersey modifications (link)

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