JSF Show, Episode Four: The One with Rick Zombo (and Ray Vinson)


We’ve covered athletes in week one by bringin World Series MVP David Freese into the digital dojo.  Then, we shifted to media by chatting with Dan McLaughlin in Episode Two.  Then, we spread our wings to the comedian community by bringing in Adam Carolla last week.  This week, it’s time to REALLY go big.

Two words:  Ray.  Vinson.

We could barely contain our excitement.  Heck, we’re still a little jittery.  Allow to dig a little deeper into our digital dance with the local mortgage tycoon by publishing the Official Listeners Guide to Episode Four…

Special Guest: Ray Vinson of Vinson Mortgage

Beer of the Week:
Yakima Wheat Ale from Schlafly (link)

Random yet contextual show references: Fernando Viña, Peter Zezel, Vincent Riendeau, Joey Gladstone, Tony Womack and Horatio Caine..

Links Mentioned in Episode Four:
Quali-T’s St. Louis Blues jam entitled “Were Coming For It” (link)
Brookroyal’s “Bleed Blue” anthem (link)
Joey Gladstone hanging out at Scottrade Center (link)

Chris Carpenter’s Rawlings “Claw” Glove:

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Twitter: @JoeSportsFan
E-mail: theshow@joesportsfan.com

Special Thanks to:
ChaCha Chow

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  • Jason B. says:

    I just really can’t describe how awesome this show is. Simply amazing, guys. Vinson was hilarious.

  • Greg says:

    Best episode to date. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Vinson and his commercials, but this actually made me like him. He did great. Nicely done.

  • Bitchtastic says:

    You may want to check your podcast feed (not itunes, but this one: http://www.joesportsfan.com/category/the-jsf-show/feed/).

    It is fucked up.

    This last weeks podcast is pointing to week 2′s podcast episode file.

  • Johnny Londoff’s place “because he owns his building and lot”. Hilarious!

  • Matt Sebek says:

    Bitchtastic (wow, that was weird), we fixed that feed. Thanks for letting us know.

  • Bitchtastic says:

    Still fucked up.

    And in looking at your page here, you’ve got a couple issues here.
    1. You probably were lazy and copied the text from a previous post, but missed some of the links when you updated it. This results in your direct link to the mp3 file being wrong and pointing to Show #2. (Same thing happened last week on the direct link)
    2. Couple this with my suspicion that you may have published your post before the Show #4 episode was uploaded to your server or it was uploaded with the wrong name.

    So when you do #1, whatever podcasting plugin (or Feedburner if you are using that), is seeing that mp3 link first and creating the podcast enclosure from that.
    Issue 1 in the feed: <enclosure url="http://www.joesportsfan.com/podcasts/stl/joesportsfanshow4512.mp3&quot; length="41360104"

    There is also a podcast enclosure created for Show #4, but it shows that the length is 0, the enclosure was created for a file that didn't exist when whatever tool you are using created it in the feed.
    Issue 2 in the feed:

    Something similar happened in the feed last week in looking at it, but you published the post after uploading the mp3, so the enclosure was #1 created correctly and #2 listed first. I think that is why it worked last week. Whatever podcasting tool (I’m using Zune) grabbed the first enclosure listed and ignored the second one.
    Last week’s feed enclosures:

    To get your shit working:
    1. Check your links (or omit the direct link)
    2. Upload your file before you publish your post.
    3. To fix your current issues: Fix your shit, then resync your feed if using Feedburner (or a similar service). Or figure out how to do it with whatever tool you are using to properly regenerate the xml for your feed.

    I’d also suggest naming your files with YYYYMMDD instead of MDYY so it is easier to work with after you have a bunch of episodes. Unless you are only planning on doing enough episodes to satisfy the kickstarter donors in which case all of this may be moot.

  • Bitchtastic says:

    It only allows one link in the comments I guess. . . so look at your feed for the problems since I can’t post them.

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