JSF Show, Episode Ten: The One with Rex Hudler (and also, Rex Hudler)


Sure, he was a little tall at 6’1″.  But his whiteness, positional versatility, extreme hustle and a funny name certainly provided the attributes to quality as “Scrappy”.  In fact, some (read: us) label this week’s episode namesake the “Godfather of Grit” in St. Louis.

Rex.  Hudler.

Heck, we love Rex Hudler so much that we not only paid homage to his #10 jersey number, we invited him in as our featured guest this week.  We did this by also adopting a few tricks from terrestrial radio.  Sure, it’s a podcast, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a lead from the best.  Callers, traffic breaks, time checks and live reads.  It’s all here and it’s all part of Episode 10 of the JoeSportsFan Show.

Special Guest: Rex Hudler

Random yet contextual show references: Marc Bulger, Dallas Drake, Andy McDonald, Tony Banks, Chase Daniel, Mike Lavallier, Bo Hart, Stubby Clapp, Link from “Zelda” and the Incredible Edible Egg.

Links Mentioned in Episode Nine:
St. Louis is getting a lingerie football team (link)
Who exactly is Calvin May? (link)
Photos and video of the Busch Stadium streaker (link)
This week’s Weekly Hypothetical (link)

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Beer of the Week:
Kite Tail from O’Fallon Brewey

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