JSF Show, Episode Three: The One with Khalil Greene (and Adam Carolla)


Between the Blues playoff run kicking off in depressing fashion last night and the Cardinals home opener today, there is ample material for us to dive into for Episode Three, so we decided there was no better time to bring on the show as our guest…comedian Adam Carolla?  Okay, maybe he’s not glued to the TV during the Blues-Sharks series like the rest of us, but he’s considered the godfather of podcasting (and a Rams fan) so we figured we could carve out a few minutes for him.

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Let us wet your appetite before you hit play with our Official Listeners Guide to Episode Three…

Special Guest: Adam Carolla

Beer of the Week:
Heart of Gold from Perennial Brewery (link)

Random yet contextual show references: Miguel Cairo, Derrick Chievous’ band aids, Cesar Izturis, Tony Miceli, Eddie Gaedel and Tony Softli’s sexual observations.

Links Mentioned in Episode Three:
The St. Louis Brewers Festival is moving to Ballpark Village (link)
You can try out to be a St. Louis Rams cheerleader (link)
Khalil Greene: lyrical genius (link)
The 2012 Home Opener Fan Photo Hunt (link)

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