JSF23: The One with Fernando Tatis (and Brian Killingsworth)


Can we collectively admit that the Rams organization is one that was in need of a makeover, both on and off the field?  Okay, good.  With the acquisition of Jeff Fisher and complete roster makeover, their on-the-field evolution is clearly underway.  In two weeks, the Rams have already become somewhat of a “sexy” pick for mainstream media as a team that is better than originally anticipated.

But their off-the-field transition hasn’t been covered as much.

We’re happy to welcome a man in charge of that transformation on to The JoeSportsFan Show.  He is Brian Killingworth, the Rams VP of Marketing and Brand Strategy and we discuss everything from the #FisherStache campaign to James Laurinaitis’ massive neck.

Featured Guest: Bo Hart and Skeeter Rosin

Total Running Length: 45:43

Random, yet contextual, St. Louis sports references: Rams Rules, David Beckham, Tom Brunansky, Ryne Sandberg, Geronimo Pena, Gregg Jefferies, Mitchell Boggs, Luis Alicea, Craig Paquette, James Laurinaitis

Links mentioned during this episode: 

Video: Rams Rules #6-10 (link)
Video: Two grand slams for Fernando Tatis (link)
Bernard Gilkey in “Men in Black” (link)
James Laurinaitis’ massive neck (link)
Inside the Post-Dispatch headline room (link)
This week’s Weekly Hypothetical (link)
LuisAlicea.com (link)

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