JSF24: The One with Rick Ankiel (and Rene Knott)


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Anyways, since the inception of our podcast, we were committed to talking to some well-known mainstream media members on the show and providing them a platform to have a little fun.  Media members with a strong mix of intelligence, honesty and personality aren’t pervasive in this town, but they’re definitely out there.

Rene Knott is a guy who most people see for a few minutes here and there on KSDK telecasts.  We were pleased to have him on the show this week and provide the JSF contingent a chance to hear him away from the bounds of a news teleprompter.

Featured Guest: Rene Knott, the sports director at KSDK Channel 5.

Total Running Length: 47:35

Random, yet contextual, St. Louis sports references: Whitey Herzog, Whitey Herzog’s sating jacket, Dmitri Young, Bobby Bonilla, Mike Bush, Bernie Federko, Richie Incognito,

Number of Ray Vinson mentions this episode: 3

Tony La Russa’s “One Last Strike” (link)
Left Bank Books’ “rules” for the Tony La Russa appearance (link)
La Russa’s “seize the moment” clip from his new book (link)
Whitey Herzog drinking a Bud Light at “work” (link)
Another amazing Rick Ankiel throw from the outfield (link)
This week’s Weekly Hypothetical (link)

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