JSF25: The One with Milt Thompson (and Torty Craig)


For those that aren’t hip to reptiles currently owned by members of the St. Louis Cardinals roster, Allen Craig has a pet tortoise.  That’s a fact.  The Cardinals adopted him as their clubhouse mascot in 2011 and he’s become a good luck charm ever since.

Anyways, a Twitter account emerged last year in the playoffs named @TortyCraig and it’s spread like wildfire.  Torty tells stories from the Cardinals clubhouse, but from the vantage point of a tortoise.  It’s complicated, important stuff.  He’s racked up over 25,000 followers and every media entity in St. Louis has tried to get an interview with the man (or woman) behind the Twitter account and have been unsuccessful.  Until today.

We’ve featured some fairly bizarre guests on this show, but talking to an inanimate, fake Twitter persona has to be atop that list.

Featured Guest: @TortyCraig

Total Running Length: 48:10

Random, yet contextual, St. Louis sports references: Gregg Jefferies, Mark McGwire, Homer Simpson, Manon Rhéaume, Mike Furrey, Yadier Molina, Jeff Fisher and the atomic number of Manganese

Odds and ends mentioned during this episode:
Steve Lake’s bushy mustache (link)
Milt Thompson.  Elastic pants. (link)
The Urban Dictionary definition of “furry” (link)
KSDK’s story on the JSF “Torty Powered” t-shirts (link)
Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Molina” (link)
Tryouts for the St. Louis Blues “Blew Crew” (link)
JSF-owned SoTaguchi.com (link)

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