JSF31: The One with Bob Forsch (and Steve Savard)


This week, we bring Steve Savard into the digital dojo known as The JoeSportsFan Show.  Savard is the voice of the St. Louis Rams and the Sports Director for KMOV.   But most importantly, he’s the featured subject in those “Hey, Steve!” promos that showed up on your television any time Channel 4 went to a commercial break about five years ago.

We get his thoughts on the Rams, the worst names to come across his teleprompter and the pressure of replacing Zip Rzeppa.  We also pay homage to the man who wore #31 for the Cardinals throughout the 80′s, Bob Forsch.


Featured Guest: Steve Savard

JoeSportsFan Original: Sounds of the 2013 Cardinals Winter Warm-up

Total Running Time: 00:40:12

Random, yet contextual, episode references: Curtis Joseph, Donovan Osbourne, Amp Lee, Adam Archuleta, Grant Fuhr, Geronimo Pena and Stephanie Tanner.

Odds and ends mentioned during this episode:

KMOV’s “Hey, Steve!” commercial (link)
Bo Hart on Episode 22 of The JoeSportsFan Show (link)
Curtis Joseph’s goalie mask vs. the “real” CuJo (link)
VIDEO: Bronson Arroyo strumming some Goo Goo Dolls (link)
MLB Auction: A Bronson Arroyo guitar lesson (link)
MLB Auction: A home visit from the Milwaukee sausages (link)
MLB Auction: A photo day experience with the Cardinals (link)
Josh Bacott’s offensive St. Louis Steamers mug (link)

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  • Dan says:

    That Hey Steve promo had Rich Brooks in it so I’m guessing it was more than 5 years ago.

  • Will says:

    If there was ever a fight between the news channels like in “Anchorman” I’d put all my money on Steve Savard to rip everybody apart with his bare hands. The dude is jacked.

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