EP27: The One with Lonnie Smith (and 101 ESPN PD Kent Sterling)


After some technical difficulties last week, the JoeSportsFan Show is back in action with a jam-packed episode this week.

We certainly have our critiques of the local media, but 101 ESPN Program Director Kent Sterling is a guy that many consider a student of the game.  He’s incredibly passionate about the industry and forthright about its successes and failures.  Given our affinity to talk shop every now and then, we were happy to welcome him aboard the ship to talk about St. Louis, his media “wish list” and Chris Duncan’s recent battle with a brain tumor.

Featured Guest: 101 ESPN Program Director, Kent Sterling

Total Running Length: 54:09

Random, yet contextual, St. Louis sports references: Virginia Kerr, Tyler Greene, Gizmo, Scott Rolen, Placido Polanco, Todd Zeile, Sergio Momesso, Stacey Carosi, Chris Duncan, Kevin Slaten and the infamous “Molina” song.

Odds and ends mentioned during this episode:
Last week’s interview with MLB insider Skeeter Rosin (link)
Sign Guy holding his specially-designed JoeSportsFan signs (link)
Our “Fly on the Wall” inside the Post-Dispatch headline room (link)
VIDEO: Matt Sebek’s interview with KMOV (link)
Gratuitous Harold Snepsts mustache photo (link)
Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Molina” song (link)
Tyler Greene is Gizmo (link)
The Kansas City Royals are looking for a new mascot assistant (link)
This week’s Weekly Hypothetical (link)

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