JSF Show, Episode 14: The One with Paul Cavallini (and Derrick Goold (and Superman))


People often ask us, “Who is the biggest Cardinals fan in St. Louis?” It’s debatable. It’s a lot like asking, “What’s your favorite movie?” There are so many different flavors of fans, you really have to define your genre. If you’re looking for a pure attention whore and total television time, you’re probably going to land on Sign Guy.

But there are many other characters out there that Cardinal fans know and love. Over the course of the next few shows, we’re going to unearth and talk to some of these characters that you’ve seen down at Busch Stadium; you know, to find out what makes them tick.

First up tonight is a guy that goes by the name “St. Louis Superman“.

Oh, and we also talk to one of the best in the industry, the purveyor of STLToday’s “Bird Land”, Derrick Goold.

Featured Guest: Derrick Goold

Featured Superfan Guest: St. Louis Superman

Random yet contextual show references: Ken Boyer, Jeff Wilkins, Eric Boguniecki, Tito Landrum’s Veggie Dip, Bo Jackson, Jason LaRue, Pete Rose, Oscar Gamble

Links Mentioned in Episode 14:
Geoff Courtnall’s amazing mullet (link)
Matt Sebek and the St. Louis Superman (link)
Legends and Celebrity All Star Softball Rosters (link)
Paul Cavallini loses his finger (link)
St. Louis Superman’s home page (link)
Ken Griffey Jr.’s holding a Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card (link)
60-Hour Baseball Game Raising Money For Backstoppers (link)
This week’s Weekly Hypothetical (link)

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