Weekly Hypothetical: Pick one piece of Cardinals memorabilia for their new museum.


The current landscape of Ballpark Village leaves something to be desired.  That is, unless you’re a slow-pitch softball player or a saxophone-playing hobo.  Finally, plans for the first *real* phase of Ballpark Village have been released.  They include visions for a venue to be called “Cardinals Nation,” which includes retail space, restaurants and a new Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum.

The last iteration of the Cardinals Hall of Fame shared space with the National Bowling Hall of Fame and would have gone bankrupt three-months into existence if it wasn’t for grade school field trips.  This time, we’re hoping the Cardinals do it right.

If they were smart, they’d ask the fine JSF contingent to make it a truly unique experience.  That’s not likely, so we’ll conduct that discussion internally in this week’s Weekly Hypothetical:

Let’s do it.

You are assigned a deep corner in the new St. Louis Cardinals Museum at Ballpark Village.  As such, you can fill your dark dwelling with ANY piece of Cardinals memorabilia in history.  Money, access or historical significance is no impediment.  Anything you want.

What are you choosing?

We’ll read the top three answers on Episode 15 of The JoeSportsFan Show this Friday and give a JSF logo t-shirt to the lucky individual that scores top honors. You can throw your hat into the ring one of three ways:

1.) Leave a comment below.

2.) Email us: theshow@joesportsfan.com.

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If you’ve got a thing for Twitter hashtags, slap #JSFHypothetical on your response.



  • Dennis says:

    It’s a tossup between the tarp that injured Vince Coleman and a stuffed Don Denkinger. Since Denkinger is still alive and would presumably be against becoming a taxidermy project, I’ll go with the tarp.

  • Burnsy says:

    Willie McGee. Like Kareem in BASEketball.

  • Harrison says:

    I propose an animal-specific area of the Cardinals new Hall of Fame museum. First, let’s have the moth that was flew into Holliday’s ear in 2011 as a small exhibit. Plus, Torty Craig’s shell/remains would be a nice addition, well, that is until passes in a 100 years or so.

  • Corey says:

    The ball from Pujols’ final GIDP as a Cardinal.

  • Ryan R says:

    Jim Edmonds’ half shirt from the 2006 postseason. Eyeliner stains optional.

  • Dustin says:

    A certain former first baseman’s coke spoon.

  • Adam says:

    Jim Edmonds’ half-tee

  • John Alicea says:

    A bust of Mark Mulder’s head with a hair dye cap on it.

  • BroJammerJosh says:

    The picture of Pujols in full swing making a baseball look like a balled up sock pressed against his bat. Even if it has to go in the janitor’s closet to prevent the glass being shattered weekly by patrons’ fists.

  • Jason D. says:

    A cup of Ray King’s belly-button sweat.

  • Will says:

    The bullpen phone that Julian Tavarez punched and broke his hand on in the 2004 NLCS. What a firecracker that Julian Tavarez was.

  • @JoshHandler says:

    The jock strap that protected Matt Holliday in the 2009 playoffs when he dropped the fly ball.

  • ScottyP says:

    A Fernando Tatis & Joe Buck gay-used condom.

  • Tim says:

    Fernando Tatis’ gerbil tube.

  • Matt says:

    Is it going to the well too many times to mention the Mike Laga foul ball

  • holyschmitt says:

    Scott Spiezio’s red-dyed soul patch. And maybe even his mugshot if we can get a hold of that.

  • Tito Landrum's Jheri Curl says:

    The Landrum-Herr paternity test. Although both had similar hair it wouldn’t take anything more than a set of non-color-blind eyes to figure this one out. Still, the actual blood tests would be a must-see for all 80s die-hard Cards fans. Or for the die hard perm and soul-glo fans from the 80s.

  • Terry Schoonover says:

    The toilet that Joaquin Andujar assaulted with a baseball bat during game 7 of the ’85 series.

  • Gary says:

    A wax depiction of Tommy Herr’s Dominican step son who was conceived while he and his wife were still married.

  • Bill Simmons says:

    A picture on me, because you losers in your loser city have done nothing while I am the king of all internet sports media. Did you see me on the celebrity softball game, jackasses? Yep, you might have been as successful as me if you were from a stellar city like Boston and not a forgettable dump like the STL.

    Now, excuse me while I don my Michael Jackson outfit. Big Papi loves when I wear that, especially when I’m dropping by to give him some “physical therapy”.

  • Mark Dierker (the guy who never wins) says:

    Of course. The Mike Laga ball that was hit out of Busch Stadium that JSF got a hold of and MLB shut down after learning of the post. Take that ball away from Shannon’s, put it in Ballpark Village, and put a written script together of the interview Laga did with JSF.

  • Austin says:

    My idea isn’t necessarily a piece of memorabilia.

    No. I come bearing far better plans for the aforementioned Cardinals Hall of Fame.

    I say you build a park out front of the proposed museum. But this park isn’t just any park.

    We name this park: Chan Ho.

    This park should be designed with the primary goal being, it will forever be deemed as an “alright” park. It’ll be the type of park you go to or walk through because, well, it’s right there. It’s not, I repeat, not the type of park you take time out of your weekend plans to visit or what the kids call, “hang out.”

    Why you ask? Well, for a few reasons. A few reasons more than the fact that Chan Ho Park was just an “alright” pitcher.

    Chan Ho Park is both loved and hated in the city of St. Louis.

    Why you ask, again? …Good gosh, I’m getting to it. What are you? Six-years-old?

    Chan Ho Park, as we all know, is the pitcher who gave up Fernando Tatis’ two grand slams in one inning. A feat that will probably never happen ever again. And even if it does, it will never happen off of the same pitcher, in one inning. So Chan Ho Park, you MUST be commemorated in St. Louis. Forever.

    However, Mr. Ho Park, your uncanny ability to give up home runs also strikes a nerve in St. Louis. You are responsible for giving up home run #71 & #72 to Barry Lamar Bonds. The home runs which broke, and broke even more the previous record held by Mark McGwire, who is most notable for using an iPad as a camera during the Cardinals World Series parade. Also, he played first base for the Cardinals in the 90s.

    For this second feat, Cardinals fans will never forgive you, Chan. You took this sacred record out of the ‘roided grip of McGwire and handed it to the slightly more ‘roided grip of Bonds. It’s just Channy bein’ Channy, I guess.

    How dare you.

    So for that, we will build a park in your honor. But make it not that nice.

    And it won’t be frowned upon when kids diarrhea all over it. Another tribute to your illustrious career:

  • James in Wichita says:

    Mozeliak’s ridiculous striped scarf from the 2011 Winter Warm Up. Because A) it’s ridiculous and B) in retrospect it was a source of unbelievable power that propelled the cards to a championship.

  • Kevin says:

    The homerun ball hit by Jeff Suppan during the 2006 NLCS which has every single one of his “Supp’s word of the day” written on it.

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