Skeeter Rosin: The Official JoeSportsFan Show MLB Insider


To be taken seriously in the business of sports reporting, it requires two qualities: 1.) An inflated sense of self-importance… and, 2.) The ability to embed cutthroat reporters in the darkest corners of the locker rooms, war rooms, hell, even bathrooms. Whatever it takes to get the scoop, it must be done.

That in mind, we’re announcing our partnership with Skeeter Rosin.  JSF’s MLB insider counts himself among the most revered reporters to ever grace the locker room. Skeeter’s been delivering news and analysis from baseball’s front lines since you were in diapers. The man scoops the competition and isn’t afraid to make the bold predictions other reporters won’t touch.

Catch Skeeter and a whole host of other audio delectables on the JoeSportsFan Show. New episodes drop every Friday.  If you need a daily fix of Skeeter’s endless wealth of baseball knowledge, then you can also follow him on Twitter @SkeeterRosin

iPhone/iPod folks, you know what to do.


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