Weekly Hypothetical: induct one Seinfeld “sports” moment/reference to go into the Hall of Fame


This week, we embrace Episode Five.  Truthfully, we can’t believe that we’re halfway to ten full episodes without talking about “Seinfeld”, at least in some capacity.  That’s a travesty.

Thus, it’s time to make amends in this week’s Weekly Hypothetical.

Here’s how it works: (1) we pose a question, (2) you answer the question, (3) we give away a prize to the best answer on our show.

Without further ado, let’s get jiggy with it.

In between eating cereal and attending Mets games, Jerry Seinfeld decides to combine his love of television and athletics by opening a Seinfeld Sports Hall of Fame.  As a protégé to Jerry Seinfeld, you have the ability to induct the one sports moment from “Seinfeld”.  An athlete cameo, a sports scene or just a general athlete reference.  Whatever you want.

What are you choosing?

You can participate in Episode Five’s Weekly Hypothetical one of three ways.

1.) Leave a comment below.

2.) Email us: theshow@joesportsfan.com.

3.) Send us a message on Twitter at @JoeSportsFan.

Heck, if you’re feeling extra saucy, hashtag your response with #JSFHypothetical.:




  • Dave says:

    Seven. George wanting to name his future kid Seven. After the Mick. Great episode.

  • Captain Snatch says:

    “As anyone here a marine biologist?” –Larry David shouts from the beach as a whale has beached itself and struggles to breathe.

    George, lying to impress a girl, has claimed to be exactly that and leaps into action to rescue the giant fish…er, mammal.

    “…is that a Titleist?” –Kramer later upon seeing the golf ball that was pulled from the whale. It seems Kramer enjoyed practicing his swing on the beach and one of his golf balls turned out to be “a hole in one.”

  • MATT says:

    When Elaine and Keith Hernandez go on a date, Elaine says in her thoughts “who does this guy think he is?” Then Hernandez says in his thoughts, “im keith hernandez”. It makes me laught every time

  • Scott says:

    George trying to get fired by dragging the world series trophy behind his car

  • Dave R says:

    The signed baseball card episode, where Kramer goes into the clubhouse to ask Paul O’Neill to hit three home runs. Key: Paul O’Neill saying “Do you know how hard that is? and Hey, how did you get in here anyway?” Classic.

  • Dylan says:

    When Jerry analyzes the Keith Hernandez spitting incident where Kramer and Newman accuse him of spitting on them after a Mets game in the episode “the boyfriend”. The analyzation that Jerry does is great and made even better by flashbacks to the incident.

  • David Puddy says:

    When I, David Puddy, painted myself to support the Devils. Gotta let ‘em know you’re out there.

  • Jon B says:

    GEORGE: I like sports. I could do something in sports.

    JERRY: Uh-huh. Uh-huh. In what capacity?

    GEORGE: You know, like the general manager of a baseball team or something.

    JERRY: Yeah. Well, that – that could be tough to get.

    GEORGE: Well, it doesn’t even have to be the general manager. Maybe I could be like, an announcer. Like a color man. You know how I always make those interesting comments during the game.

    JERRY: Yeah. Yeah. You make good comments.

    GEORGE: What about that?

    JERRY: Well, they tend to give those jobs to ex-ballplayers and people that are, you know, in broadcasting.

    GEORGE: Well, that’s really not fair.

  • Billyv says:

    The rematch race between Jerry and Duncan refereed by Mr Bevilacqua.

  • Tito Landrum's Jheri Curl says:

    Stan the Caddy. Kramer taking legal advice from Stan the Caddy rather than his attorney Jackie Chiles when sueing Sue Ellen Mischke, heir to the Oh Henry! candy bar. “If the bra fits then you must convict.” This takes on 2 sports references with the relationship of a golfer with a caddy and OJ Simpson and his legal dream team.

  • Eddie says:

    George pulling a Scott Cousins on Bette Midler in a softball game.

  • Owen says:

    “Another game for Miloš!”

  • Andy Volpert says:

    Little Jerry Seinfeld and his aborted cock fighting career was a classic episode.

  • Chris says:

    Has to be the episode where Elaines boyfriend Puddy paints his face for the Rangers-Devils game, which we all can relate to being Blues fans.

    Elaine: You painted your face?

    Puddy: Yeah.

    Elaine: Why?

    Puddy: You know, support the team.

    Elaine: Well, you can’t walk around like that.

    Puddy: Why not?

    Elaine: Because it’s insane?

    Puddy: Hey, you gotta let them know you’re out there, this is the playoffs.

    Kramer: Hey.

    Puddy: Hey.

    Elaine: Dave, um, painted his face.

    Kramer: Yeah, that’s cool. Well, you gotta support your team.

    Sometimes, just gotta support the team.

  • Explosive Renteria says:

    “Back, and to the left.”

  • Dan Shanoff says:

    I love so many of the others listed above, but the No. 1 pick has to be the “Second Spitter” story/montage as told by Newman and Kramer (and Jerry), supported by the Zapruder-style film.

  • Fendi Hotdogbun says:

    “Well, Buhner was a good prospect, no question about it. But my baseball people loved Ken Phelps’ bat. They kept saying ‘Ken Phelps, Ken Phelps.’”

  • Jesse says:

    One of the all time classic moments of the show was George in the batting cage with Bernie Williams and Derek Jeter, teaching them about the physics of hitting. Definitely Seinfeld Hall of Fame worthy.

    George: Guys… hitting is not about muscle. It’s simple physics. Calculate the velocity, v, in relation to the trajectory, t, in which g, gravity, of course… remains a constant.

    George: It’s not complicated.

    Jeter: Now who are you again?

    George: George Costanza. Assistant to the Travelling Secretary.

    Williams: Are you the guy who put us in that Ramada in Milwaukee?

    George: You wanna talk about hotels… or you wanna win some ballgames?

    Jeter: Hey, we won the World Series.

    George : In six games.

  • Jason says:

    This is a stretch, but Kramer walking (future cock-fighter) “Little Jerry Seinfeld” on a leash, down a Manhattan sidewalk is a Top 5 “Seinfeld” moment in general.

  • Tito Landrum's Jheri Curl says:

    Forgot about the Steinbrenner and Frank Costanza scene talking about the Buhner trade after they announce George is dead. That’s classic. I will waste a half hour every time that’s on just to watch that scene. I’d vote with Fendi Hotdogbun this week.

  • Eddie says:

    Or, go to the finale….Steinbrenner on the stand…Frank yelling out, “50 million dollars for Hideki Irabu! You don’t know what the hell you’re doing!”

  • Adam says:

    Has to be when George gets traded to “top-flight bird outfit,” Tyler Chickn.

    Don Tyler (head of Tyler Chicken): “How about this: You give me Costanza, I convert your concessions to all chicken — no charge. Instead of hotdogs — chicken dogs. Instead of pretzels — chicken twists. Instead of beer — alcoholic chicken.”

    Steinbrenner: “How do you make that alcoholic chicken?”

    Tyler: “Ah, let it ferment. Just like anything else.”

    Steinbrenner: “That stuff sounds great. Alright, I’ll have Costanza on the next bus!”

  • Johno M says:

    Its gotta be the whole Jean Paul episode. From the alarms not working to the moment when hes right about to win the NYC marathon and he grabs Kramers coffee

  • Greg W says:

    I can’t believe any of you scrubs haven’t mentioned Kramer as a US Open Ball Boy yet.

    Two solid lines:

    “It’s ball boys, not ball men. There all no ball men.”

    “Oh, I may be old. But I’m spry.”

  • James in Wichita says:

    Easy. The Mets conversation between Jerry and the huge naked dude on the subway in season 3. Redbirds bonus-a mention of Vince “tarp machine” Coleman.
    naked dude: They still have no pitching. Gooden’s a question mark. You don’t recover from those rotator cuffs so fast.

    Seinfeld: I’m not worried about their pitching. They got pitching. They got no hitting.

    naked dude: No hitting? They got hitting! Bonilla, Murray. They got no defense.

    Seinfeld: Defense? Please. They need speed.

    naked dude: Speed? They got Coleman. They need a bullpen.

    Seinfeld: Franco’s no good? They got no team leaders.

    naked dude: They got Franco! What they need is a front office.

    Seinfeld: But you gotta like their chances.

    naked dude: I LOVE their chances.

    Seinfeld: Tell you what. If they win the pennant I’ll sit naked with you at the World Series.

    naked dude: It’s a deal!

  • James Barry says:

    Newman fixing divots in Space Jam

  • The best one is Kramer recalling his time at Yankees’ fantasy camp where Joe Pepitone is crowding the plate, so he comes inside with the first pitch and drills him with the second which starts a bench clearing brawl and Kramer decks Mantle. Something a certain generation of Cardinal fans would probably do in fantasy camp…

  • wcmarglin says:

    The Magic loogie season 3 ep 17 where Newman and Kramer claim Keith Hernandez spit on them and Jerry posits the idea of a second spitter.

  • Jesse says:

    Mike: Jerry! First of all, I think
    you completely misunderstood what I said. I meant it in a complementary way. I mean, you know when people say, ‘He’s bad’, it really means he’s good, sort of thing? You know, slang.

    Jerry: Use it in a sentence.

    Mike: Man, that Michael Jordan is so phony.

  • Ted says:

    Kramer’s encounter with Joe Dimaggio at a Dinkin Donuts, when Cosmo was “whooping” to get the Yankee Clipper’s attention.

  • How about the pilot episode. Jerry taped the Mets game and he’s watching it late at night. Answers the phone by telling people not to give away what happened. Then Kramer comes in and ruins it: “Boy, the Mets blew it tonight, huh?!”

  • Jerry’s impression of Puddy: “Gotta support the team.”

  • Chris says:

    Billiards is a sport, right? Then I direct you to Puddy’s 8-ball leather jacket.

    Puddy: “You got a question? Ask the 8-ball!”
    Elaine: “Are you going to be wearing that all the time?”
    Puddy: “All signs point to yes!”

  • Cookie Monster says:

    So many excellent scenes listed above, but one I love that nobody cited: George gets stuck having dinner with J. Peterman after Jerry and Elaine bail on him. George is forced to listen to one of Peterman’s awful catalog stories. Cut to Jerry eating popcorn and watching the New York Football Giants game.
    Announcer: “It’s fourth and one, and the Giants are going for it! You gotta love sports!”
    (Jerry throws a fist-pump in the air)

  • Justin says:

    The Joel Rifkin episode when they are at the Giants game and they call his name on the P.A. and they cut to Lawerence Taylor and he looks up all disgusted.

  • Richard says:

    Frank Costanza after Steinbrenner tells him that George is dead: “What the hell did you trade Jay Buhner for?!? He had
    30 home runs, over 100 RBIs last year, he’s got a rocket for an arm, you don’t know what the hell you’re doin’!!”

    Steinbrenner: “Well, Buener was a good prospect, no question about it. But my baseball people love Ken Phelps’ bat. They kept saying ‘Ken Phelps, Ken Phelps’.”

  • Devon says:

    I put this on the fb page but i believe it bears repeating, george refusing to slide and lowering his shoulder on Bette Midler in the softball game is one the all time best moments

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