Weekly Hypothetical: choose any person to take to Game 5 of the Blues/Sharks series


We’ve been dealing with some intertube issues over the past week.  Hamsters fell off the wheel, servers went down and things got messy.  We appreciate your patience during this critical First World problem.

Anyway, it’s time to get serious and introduce this week’s Weekly Hypothetical.

Here’s how it works: (1) we pose a question, (2) you answer the question, (3) we give away a prize to the best answer on our weekly show.

Now, it’s time to question your intellect and challenge your maturity.

You scored some primo seats to Game 5 of the Blues/Sharks series next Wednesday.  You also have a deep rolodex that knows no bounds and can invite anyone of  your choosing.  Current or former athlete. Celebrity or media goon.  Whoever you want.

Who are you taking to ensure that this goes down as a truly memorable night?

You can participate in Episode Three’s Weekly Hypothetical one of three ways.

1.) Leave a comment below.

2.) Email us: theshow@joesportsfan.com.

3.) Send us a message on Twitter at @JoeSportsFan.

Heck, if you’re feeling extra saucy, hashtag your response with #JSFHypothetical.



  • Dennis says:

    I would definitely take Jon Hamm, because just being the wing man for Jon Hamm for one night would be beyond epic – almost YouTube worthy.

  • Jake Mundle says:

    I would bring Ray Vinson. We could hi-five, maybe get ferderko to join us in the stands. Ya got that right!

  • Jason says:

    Garth Butcher.

  • I would take Rex Ryan and have him wear a Reaves jersey. Again.

  • Chris says:

    Since Joey Gladstone already took in a Blues game this year, I would take Danny Tanner. When “Full House” started he was a sportscaster before taking his job on “Wake Up, San Francisco.” He could probably use a guy’s night out after raising three daughters. Yeah, being from the Bay Area, he’s probably a Sharks fan, but you could just rub it in his face when the Blues win.

  • Neil says:

    I would take Ken Wilson, to be my own personal play-by-play announcer. OH BABY!

  • Austin says:

    No question, Dave Coulier.

    Being no stranger to Scott Trade Center, Uncle Joey himself would be a delight to watch a hockey game with. Do I need to know what two line pass is? No problem. Dave Coulier is from Michigan. I could have him deliver hockey commentary in the voices of Peter Venkman from the Ghostbusters cartoons, Animal from Muppet Babies, or just Mr. Woodchuck from Full House. Plus, if we get bored with the game, he could fill me in on secrets about Alanis Morissette, which would be ironic.

  • BK says:

    I would bring the “Get a Brain! Morans” guy. Mullet? Check. Moustache? Check. Crafty enough to sneak in some camouflage cans of Busch Light? Check. He would fit right in.

  • Greg Winslow says:

    If we’re talking about pure entertainment, I’m bringing the most hated man at Scottrade Center. No no, not Eric Brewer. Two words: Mike Keenan. Sure, I would probably get hit with battery or two sitting next to him, but seeing Blues fans getting fired up is priceless.

  • Mac says:

    The guy throwing up the guns on the birds double play the other night. Would love to see him incorporate that into the power play dance. Goal celebrations might get outta hand.

  • Burnsy says:

    Forget Hamm. The real party is with Billy Bob Thornton. If the Blues get up by 2, we can sneak out early, kill a couple prostitutes and throw pee balloons at Brad Pitt’s childhood home all night.

  • Patrick Daugherty says:

    Without a doubt Mike Keenan.

  • John M says:

    I’d take Richard Simmons. He’d give the towel man a run for his money.

  • Jules says:

    Harry Caray – have to hear him call a hockey game, would just be entertaining.

  • Hoppy says:

    “Iron” Mike Keenan. Could you imagine the glorious insults that would be sent his way.

  • Patrick Daugherty says:

    Though he’d insist in trading our seats that were right behind the penalty box for two in the nosebleeds.

  • Bill says:

    I would take Dan McLaughlin OF CARSE and get him off the wagon asap, and then roll the dice and toss him the keys afterwards…. best night ever?

  • Ryan R says:

    Gordon Bombay. The man is hockey royalty. And after the game, we’d play roller hockey near the beach (okay next to the Mississippi River) and shoot pucks into trash cans. 1…..2…..3…triple deke.

  • Wayne says:

    i’m taking Ted Nugent, Obama, & BiBi Jones. do i have to explain this?

  • James Barry says:

    antti Niemi… so he’s not on the ice

  • Mark D says:

    P-Diddy. Anyone with a net worth of 550 million will bring you a good time before, during, and after the game. A pic with him, louie the mascot, and towel guy would be priceless.

  • Julee says:

    Gregg Williams – I think the head hunting and beers would cheer him up a bit and maybe lead to some reminiscing of the days football was violent.

  • Lauren says:

    Rally squirrel – I’d set him loose on the ice. Blues win!

  • Jethro says:

    I would take Alexi Lalas, so that his greasy hair would annoy the people behind us.

  • J says:

    I’d take Neijer Morgan (admitted lifelong Sharks fan). With his inability to keep his mouth shut, and the vast # of inebriated Blues/Cards fans on hand, it would have all the ingredients of a YouTube sensation.

  • pat says:

    Lorenzo Lamas – and we would ride together on his motorcycle.

  • Andrew says:

    Sergei Zubov… Just because. It’s a Sergei fricking Zubov reference!

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