Weekly Hypothetical: Pick Fredbird’s New Cardinals Kids Co-Host. Go.


It’s inevitable that every few weeks one of the JSF Weekly Hypothetical answers will spin off into an response that includes the legend that is Fredbird.  He’s wacky, he’s scantily clad and he’s known to wield a weapon from time-to-time.

After we documented him embarrassing co-host Andy Benes on camera recently we came to realize that, while he’s undoubtedly an entertainment mogul, there is a side to Fredbird that we may not encounter on a regular basis.  Behind the scenes on his television hit – Cardinals Kids – we’re sure there is more drama than meets the eye.  The under appreciated Benes does an admirable job of playing sidekick, carrying the show at times while his co-host gets the accolades and even his own stable of groupies.   

For the time being, the chemistry is there between the two hosts, but if that ever changed, rain delays for Cardinals viewers may never be the same.  For reasons we may not understand, this scenario has led us to this week’s Hypothetical:

Let’s go:

Fed up with the diva attitude of his co-host Fredbird, Andy Benes suddenly walks off the set of Cardinals Kids for good. As producer of the show, you are tasked with the challenge of finding a former player to fill Benes’ shoes. Considering the role requires seamless interaction with a mute ego-maniac that refuses to wear pants on camera, who do you see as the most entertaining replacement option to keep the show afloat?

We’ll read the top three answers on Episode 24 of The JoeSportsFan Show this Friday.

You can throw your hat into the ring one of three ways:

1.) Leave a comment below.

2.) Email us: theshow@joesportsfan.com.

3.) Send us a message on Twitter at @JoeSportsFan.

If you’ve got a thing for Twitter hashtags, slap #JSFHypothetical on your response.



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