An analysis of the best sports media tweet of all-time.


Sooner or later, the St. Louis sports media will understand that you can’t throw any ‘ole media pundit in front of a keyboard and expect him to succeed.  As it turns out, this little blogging thing and engaging in the thing kids call “social media” can be tough, especially for some of the brutes that populate this town’s media contingent.

The following critique revolves around Tony Softli, a former St. Louis Rams employee who now works as an analyst for 101 ESPN and columnist for their digital home at  Additionally, he’s known for having the best fake mustache in the business as well as the worst understanding of Twitter this side of the Mississippi.

Let’s take a gander, shall we?

Now, a deeper analysis that’s sure to be used in freshmen Mass Communication classes for the next ten years.

1.) Abuse of the 140-character Count

First and foremost, the tweet above was screencapped at aggregates tweets that extend outside the bounds of Twitter’s standard 140-characters.  Thirteen year olds across the world understand these rules and regulations.  Apparently, Mr. Softli does not.

If one was to follow all of the instructions located in the tweet above, they would need to block off an entire Saturday afternoon.

2.) Grammatical errors

Mr. Softli is a frequent abuser of the English language, so we won’t drag him over the coals for the missed possessive apostrophe on “this week’s”.  Then again, he should probably thumb through a copy of Hooked on Phonics, considering he just launched

Eh, forget it.  Grammar and punctuation isn’t essential when you’re only regurgitating Associated Press stories.

3.) Third-person references

Media “predictions”: originality at its finest.  Who’s giving the predictions this time, Mr. Softli?  Oh, Tony Softli?  As in, THE Tony Softli?  You don’t say.

Extra third-person bonus points for creating an entire website named after yourself.  We’ll give Mr. Softli a slight pass on this one because it’s St. Louis sports media; where names sell, not quality content.

4.) Broken links

One of the fifteen tasks that Mr. Softli instructs you to complete is heading over to, the digital home of 101 ESPN.  At least, we’re guessing that’s what he means.  The actual link posted in his tweet is, an online sports betting website.


Although, considering Mr. Softli is also providing expert predictions, maybe he’s suggesting that you throw down 20-bucks or so.

5.) Irregular Capitalization

Sometimes irregular capitalization can draw attention to key words in the middle of a sentence.  Sports.  News.  Got ya.  As if there was any doubt that delivered sports news.  From the title of the URL, we would have expected a website that reviews dog kennels.

And leave it up to a radio guy to sign-off a tweet like it’s a goddamn pre-recorded advertisement.

6.) Hashtag diarrhea

The first five snafus were unique in their own right, but this particular abnormality might be our favorite.  To catch everyone up to speed, Twitter “hashtags” are denoted by the “#” character and used to group tweets into specific categories.  Readers can click on hashtags to view an aggregation of tweets containing this hashtag.

So, we suppose it makes sense that Mr. Softli tagged this particular tweet with #Rams and #NFL.  But given that they occur after 228 other characters, no one saw them anyway.

But that’s neither here nor there, let’s observe the remaining two hashtags.

This tweet was posted on Friday.  There’s this thing on Twitter called “Follow Friday” where tweeters  name somebody interesting and tag it with a “#FF” hashtag.  That way, other Twitter members can watch the “#FF” and find new, interesting people to follow.  Mr. Softli decided to try and leverage this phenomenon that was popular for roughly 15-minutes, two years ago.  Hey, you never know.  Maybe some kid in Botswana is watching the “#FF” hashtag.  If he is, he just got all the Soflti he can handle.

Now, here’s where it gets really strange.  Mr. Softli also tagged his tweet with #MLB.Hey, you’re one of the three people in the world that is following MLB news…on Twitter…in late November.  Oh, and you also like the NFL?  And more specifically, the Rams?  Get ready, son.  It’s time to blow your mind with 100% Softli.



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