Burwell Issues Somber Warning to NFL: Watch Yourselves or Become Like Horse Racing


Everybody’s favorite bloviating Post-Dispatch columnist was back on ESPN’s “The Sports Reporters” this past weekend, making his usual batch of subtly bizarre statements and finding new ways to make St. Louis fans angry.

Who, you ask? You know, this guy:

Early on in the first segment, while discussing the New Orleans Saints ‘Bountygate’ scandal, the recent tragedy involving Junior Seau, and what role concussions may have played in his apparent suicide as well as that of former Bears safety Dave Duerson, Burwell issued this somber albeit strange warning to the NFL:

Am I missing something? Was there a big horse concussion scandal back in the day? Were horses putting bounties on each other? Horseygate? I’m not sure I’m getting the comparison here, other than at one time horse racing apparently was more popular than it is now, and that this loss of popularity could also happen to professional football – or well, anything really. Except for the Kardashians, they’ll always be just as popular as they are now.

By the way, last weekend’s Kentucky Derby drew a higher TV rating than both the final round of the Masters and the Kentucky-Louisville Final Four matchup. And Floyd Mayweather made an estimated $45 million Saturday night when he beat Miguel Cotto by a unanimous decision even though he’ll be celebrating his victory in prison. So that’s um, where they are now.

Later, during his parting shot, Burwell decided to take a few shots at Cardinal fans, specifically those evil and malicious enough to actually take some measure of enjoyment in watching Albert Pujols’ early-season struggles.

It’s a sentiment that Burwell reiterated in one of his latest columns. Given his history, it kind of makes you wonder if Burwell formulates his opinions based on how much he thinks they’ll piss off the entire city of St. Louis. What say you, Bryan?

Well thank you Bryan, we thought it was a relevant point too. It’s nice to know that you can understand why some might think you intentionally take antagonistic positions just to get people riled up.

We weren’t trying to be funny Bryan. It really does seem like you just enjoy pissing people off. Cardinal fans have every right to laugh at Pujols’ misfortune. He’s got a quarter of a billion dollars coming. He’ll be okay no matter what.


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  • Did he just read his column on the air? Wow. I can see alluding to it, but that was word-for-word more than once.

    Just to be clear: The P-D removed anonymous commenting to protect Burwell specifically, right?

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