Caesar’s Salad: A Media Views Recap


“Media Views” is a weekly column written by Dan Caesar of the Post-Dispatch every Friday. Here’s our take on, well, his take.

Word of the week: tumult
- Definition: a state of commotion and noise and confusion
- Usage: The tumult in local AM sports-talk radio continues.

KFNS Plans to Buy KLSG

For those that don’t have their radio acronym glossary handy, 590 AM plans to purchase 1380 AM from the Utah-based Simmons Media Group. More specifically, the station where Tim McKernan moved *from* is being purchased from the station Tim McKernan moved *to*. The price is guessed to be around $350,000 – which is approximately what Nick Stavinoha will make in 2010 with the Cardinals. KFNS should just buy him instead.

The closing of KSLG will have fallouts. We’re told the two organizations affected the most will be Marshall Wireless, who owns approximately 96.5% of Kevin Slaten’s advertisement spots….and Utah’s Public Relations Department, who was proud to have a business other than Amish doll shops operating outside of the state.

Mizzou Routs Illinois in St. Louis Television Ratings

Mizzou games pulled more of an audience for Illinois games in the local television market. Seems logical, given that St. Louis is in, well, Missouri….and not Illinois.


Caesar’s Columnist Byline Photo Used In first Paragraph: Yes

Tim McKernan Mention: 1
Joe Buck Mentions: 0
Nielsen Mentions: 1
Arbitron Mentions: 0

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