Caesar’s Salad: A St. Louis Media Views Recap


“Media Views” is a weekly column written by Dan Caesar of the Post-Dispatch every Friday.  Here’s our take on, well, his take.

Word of the week: raucous
- Definition: unpleasantly loud and harsh
- Usage: raucous analyst Jim Hanifan was removed from the Rams radio broadcasts


Before we get into segmented media recaps from the week, we have some melancholy news to address.  They say admission is the first step in the grieving process.  When rolled out their new look on Wednesday, Dan Caesar’s columnist byline photo was left behind.  That hurts.  It was a real pioneer in the industry; bucking emerging trends in men’s fashion since 1996.  As a special tribute to this photo, we’ve included Dan Caesar’s byline photo in this column.

You’re always welcomed here, Dano.

One last housekeeping item; today presented *two* Dan Caesar media columns.  No word whether this is part of the new website format, but nevertheless, we have a lot to “cover”.

Let’s get to it….

More Hanifan, but not in the booth:

Jim Hanifan was bounced from the Rams broadcast booth on 101.1 FM last season.  Many expected Hanifan to return to the booth, given his local popularity and experience.  Not so, says 101.1 FM.  He’ll retain halftime and postgame commentary, but will not return to the broadcast booth.

This means a season worth of Steve Savard and D’Marco Farr – which is good if you like to hear the word “football” a lot while listening to a football broadcast.  Personally, I do.

After all, these guys are football players making football decisions on a football field while playing football for the National Football League.  Here here, Savard and Farr.

Slaten’s status could be in flux:

With radio station shuffling aplenty and the inevitable sale of 1380 AM, many are wondering about the future of Kevin Slaten (who currently occupies the afternoon time slot at 1380), the lightning rod of the local radio airwaves.  This evolving story is even trickier because there’s no one left in St. Louis radio management that Kevin Slaten hasn’t pissed off.

Nationals trump Cardinals on FOX national broadcast:

In short, the Cardinals-Brewers game that was *supposed* to be shown July 3rd on FOX has been bumped for the Nationals-Mets game because Stephen Strasburg is scheduled to pitch.  The Cards game has been moved to 5:35pm and will be shown on KDSK Channel 5 – which means more Ricky Horton for the local viewing audience.  Win-win for everyone, really.

These media guys are relentless:

In correlation with their website redesign, added footer notes to all website content – including column categories, tags and the timestamp of the column’s published date.  Take a gander at Caesar’s published timestamps for the aforementioned columns.

Can’t sleeeep.  Must….write about….Savard and Stalen.  The people need to know.

Recommended Reading for Dan Caesar Fans:

In addition to column footer notes, the redesign also includes “similar stories” for every published column.  If you’re interested in reading a column about the St. Louis Rams broadcast booth, you’re probably also interested in reading other articles about the Rams….or other Dan Caesar columns.  Makes sense.

That said, might want to tweak their “recommended reader” algorithm, because this is what’s displayed for Caesar’s latest column.

Caesar’s Columnist Byline Photo Used In first Paragraph: No (Sad Face)

Number of Radio Call-Sign Acronyms Used: 12
Tim McKernan Mentions: 0
Joe Buck Mentions: 0
Nielsen/Arbitron Mentions: 1

[ More Hanifan, but not in the booth ]

[ Slaten's status could be in flux ]


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