I’m Just Sayin’: E-Mak Frightens Me


When it comes to unintentional humor on a nightly news program, nothing brings the heat like KSDK’s “I’m Just Sayin’” segment.  It’s their attempt at mixing high volume talk radio with a standard news program and, damn it, it’s funny.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not funny for the reasons it’s supposed to be funny.  It’s really not supposed to be funny at all.  I don’t listen to a word the guest says, just chuckle at guys like Zip Rzeppa or a grown man who calls himself Cornbread desperately attempting to be controversial in a 30-second clip that may be filmed on the outskirts of heaven, based on the set design.

To keep the faux-intensity theme going, last night, they dipped into the Grand Slam Sports talent pool for the segment and presented “I’m Just Sayin’: Evan Makovsky’s Head Might Explode Edition”.  Just one look said enough…

Lesson learned, KSDK, letting your guests bong 32 ounces of Red Bull before the cameras go on might be dangerous to everyone on the set.  Heck, here I was sitting on my couch and for all I know, E-Mak’s eyes may have taken control of my soul and forced me to post this.

Frankly, I have no idea.


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