It’s Time to Play “Finish Frank’s Analogy”


Busy week at the office? Tired of using your brain? Are you ready for some fun? Do you like corn? Well, you’re in luck pal, because Joe Sports Fan has got just the thing for you.

It’s a new game called Finish Frank’s Analogy – inspired by the KSDK Channel 5 sportscaster and the king of corn-stuffed analogies himself, Frank Cusumano.

You see, we take some of Frank’s corniest and most forced analogies and split them in two. Then you go through and try to match up the beginning with the correct ending. Sounds like a grain silo full of fun right? Let’s give it a shot:

Now take a look at the answers, in this key we’ve provided.

How did you do? Be honest. Remember, when you cheat, the only person you’re really cheating is yourself.

And since we’re all being so honest, we should probably come clean now. Some of those corny analogies were fabricated by us. But you know what’s makes it even better? Some of them weren’t.  Take a look:


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  • GIBR171 says:

    “Finish Frank’s Analogy” has a better chance of succeeding than most of the feeble “human wave” attempts during a Cardinal baseball game.

    …than the annoying “banger sticks” they hand out during various playoff events.

    …than the 2012 rally squirrell (yet to make an appearance).

    …than the 2012 Rams. (Yea, I said it)

    …than John Hadley on sports radio.

    …than Kent Bottenfield pitching.

    Alright, I’m done.

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