JSF Makes An Appearance on Fox 2 Ticket Scamming Story? We Had No Idea…


Say you work in production for a local news station in St. Louis and get assigned a generic time-filling story about ticket scalpers at the Super Bowl next Sunday. Since the same story has appeared on nearly every news outlet before every Super Bowl, it pretty much writes itself, but you will need some B-roll footage of scalpers hard at work on the streets to fill in the gaps, so where do you go?

Maybe hit up some fellow network affiliates to see if they have anything in the tape archives? Maybe you head out to the streets during a local event to see if you can scare anything up?

Or maybe you just dig into the original video collection of a local blog and hope that you randomly find a spoof on ticket scalping they filmed almost three years ago.

Last night, St. Louis’ own Fox 2 went with the latter route.

As we saw from our couch last night, without any advanced notice, a video JSF filmed for Yardbarker’s 2009 Final Four coverage in Indianapolis – the same city hosting next week’s Super Bowl – was apparently selected as the supplier of said b-roll. We analyzed the side-by-sides and the conclusion was clear:

The moment we figured out why those blurred out clips looked so familiar, numerous questions popped into our heads:

What did Fox’s producer type into Google to uncover this particular video?

Should we wait by our mailbox for a residual check? (Probably not)

Does this mean we’re finally mainstream media members? (Hopefully not)

Why did they choose to avoid this section of our video…?

Alas, those questions remain unanswered. We’re just hoping that they come back to the JSF video page if they ever need some b-roll clips for a groundbreaking story on men’s softball. We’ve got just what they’re looking for.


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