KSDK’s ‘I’m Just Sayin’ Sports Dream Team


As KSDK has continued to provide an open forum for certain personalities to speak up in their “I’m Just Sayin’” segment, we who follow sports have begun to consider the potential if they opened the door up to people in our world.

Sure they had Zip Rzeppa on, but that doesn’t count in our book.

Let’s just say that we’re thinking about getting into Frank Cusumano’s ear to see if he can throw some weight around and get these guys a few minutes to rant…

Dave Duncan
What brings rating more than a pitching coach grunting and staring at his black binder for two minutes while standing in front of a camera? That said, we’ll be captivated when you give us the list of the next previously crappy pitchers you plan on making reclamation projects.

Stan Kroenke
When you talk, Stan we have two requests: 1.) tell us whether the Rams are ever going to threaten to leave St. Louis while under your watch and 2.) make sure your toupee is on straight

Colby Rasmus
The whole Cardinal fan base wants to know what its really like to watch your dad argue with Tony LaRussa

Tony Banks
Frankly, we just were curious what your thoughts were when you watched Kurt Warner take the same team you played on to a Super Bowl

And when the sports version of “I’m Just Sayin’” takes off, we can have one guy on to tell the viewers how it played out in the Nielson Ratings…

Dan Caesar.  Enough said.

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