KU Media Types are not Afraid to Brawl in the Press Box


When the words “journalist” and “fan” cross paths in reference to the same person, sometimes things get ugly.  A journalist is supposed to be a neutral reporter of news, not a homer. 

Homers report news in a manner that is consistently skewed in one direction.  They often refuse to criticize when it’s warranted. And sometimes, while sitting in the press box, they use their respective forums as a way to indirectly threaten to fight journalists representing their team’s opponent.

At least Kansas’ media homers do.

On Saturday night, during the final minutes of the KU-MU battle royal at Mizzou Arena, Shay Wildeboor, editor of Rivals’ JayhawkSlant.com, felt the need to blow off a little steam during his site’s live chat.  And he aimed his steam directly at KOMU sports director and occasional Mizzou sideline reporter, Chris Gervino…

Watch your back, Gervino.  If you give a “media member” a stern glare just because he’s standing in press row, shirtless and wearing this on his head, you may just pay a stiff price.   Guys like Shay Wildeboor don’t like to be given the stink-eye by your type.

We thought Shay’s reaction was a bit aggressive until we pulled a copy of the Kansas journalistic “code of ethics” and read this line:

“if any opposing media member is giving you ‘looks’, it is acceptable to knock opposing media member the fuck out “

Apparently he was just operating by the book.


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