MEDIA: The Blues did some “house-cleaning” yesterday. (First in HD)


As news broke yesterday that Blues C Andy McDonald would miss time one the ice with concussion syndromes, rumors of potential trade options escalated around local/national news outlets.  With several key stars already on the sidelines (e.g., Perron, Oshie and Polak), the Blues need significant scoring help.  Like, now.  These rumors have kept Blues players and fans anxious for news over the last 24 hours.

Enter KSDK’s Mike Bush, a seasoned-pro, who went to a commercial break in the 10 pm news by stating, “The Blues have a day off today, but we’ll tell you why a little house-cleaning was necessary”.  As you can see, he looks damn serious about it too.  Pay no attention to Cindy Preszler.  Mike’s new cologne has been making her feel a little loopy.

Mike Bush tells me that the Blues did a little house-cleaning, eh?


Did they deal some young, fan-favorites to make room for an established scorer?

Enter Rene Knott, who seamlessly takes another “house-cleaning” joke from Mike Bush…and gladly informs the viewership that the Blues are still in tact.  For now, they’ve acquired some push brooms and a trashcan.

You see, Brad Boyes broke some glass at practice yesterday so literal “house-cleaning” was necessary.

Heh heh, house-cleaning.  They got me.  It’s all about the delivery.

Mike and Rene.

Another sports pun knocked out of the park by St. Louis network news.  Rene was extremely pleased.


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