Mike Claiborne Leaving KTRS; Discovers the Fountain of Youth


According to Deb Petterson of the Post-Dispatch, Mike Claiborne is leaving 550 KTRS and is likely headed to 1120 KMOX, the future home of Cardinals broadcasts in 2011.

A few observations…

1.- Deb Petterson scooped Dan Caesar the night before his regular Friday “Media Views” column in the Post-Dispatch. Seriously Deb, the wrath o’ Caesar cometh.

2.- The move comes as no surprise to those familiar with the St. Louis sports media. Claiborne is extremely close with Mike Shannon and a source very close our sources’ sources tell us that Shannon threatened to stop selling steak at his restaurant if KMOX didn’t poach Claiborne from the inevitable KTRS wreckage. Interesting bargaining chip displayed by the Moon Man, but who can blame him. That steak is delicious…and a story like that has to be true.

3.- Our statisticians ran a half-life algorithm on the photo of Mike Claiborne used in the Deb Petterson column and we estimated its origin to be circa 1963. Interesting decision, Post-Dispatch.

We read ya.

Thus, allow us to take a dip into our personal archives and do the same. namely, post a picture of Mike Claiborne from the epic 1985 Cardinals’ video, “Heck of a Year”.

[ STLToday.com ]


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