Mizzou’s Madison Joins the High Motor Gang


For all the recent attention that has been heaped onto the selective use of the word “scrappy” for baseball players who fit certain criteria (small and white), we’ve recognized that its football counterpart has been largely ignored.

Our exhaustive research throughout the years has shown that – while it’s likely unintentional – announcers and analysts always tend to describe a player as having a “high motor” in the world of professional football if they have two distinct points on their resume - 1.) they play the position of defensive end 2.) they are white.

Just ask ESPN’s College Gameday stalwart, Kirk Herbstreit.  When he released the pre-season “Herbie Awards” he included a category rating the best “High Motor Men”.  Not surprisingly all but one – including Mizzou’s Brad Madison – fit the profile and drilled home this theory yet again…

Madison, Chris Borland, Tanner Brock and John Boyett all are chomping at the bit to see whose motor will eventually be compared to Jared Allen’s or Chris Long’s.  We’re guessing all of them.

Credit Michigan’s Mike Martin for doing his part to break down the wall of overused cliche descriptions for pass rushers.  One day everyone who hustles on a football field can be viewed as having a high motor.

At least we can dream.


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