Adds 5,000 New Sports Writers


Nothing adds to the credibility of the market’s major newspaper than dropping articles from a giant content farm just below the fold of their website. Such is the case at’s sports section these days as they’ve bitten the bullet and struck an agreement with the bloated mess known as Bleacher Report.

Here’s a quick synopsis of what Bleacher Report brings to the table – they’ve loaded up over 5,000 writers by offering zero hurdles to become one, paid them nothing, encouraged them to post ad-draped slideshows to ring up as many clicks as possible and then used the flood of content to execute a hostile takeover of any Google search related to sports that you attempt.  Then they top that off by pretending its a legit outlet that has some basic parameters for content.

As a bonus to readers, their partnership model weaves their content in a way that makes it appear as if one of the Bleacher Report scribes is sitting at a desk at the Post-Dispatch offices next to Bernie Miklasz, Derrick Goold and Bryan Burwell…

The P-D isn’t alone.  Bleacher Report content is also seen on sites affiliated with papers such as the Washington Post, LA Times and Philadelphia Inquirer.  And we can’t fault the B/R writers as they’re mostly just aspiring writers who view the site as the most simplistic and direct way to have a “featured article” appearing in a national paper without an editor ever glancing at it. Both the site and the writers are just pawns in the Bleacher Report business model.

Heck, was a pawn at one point as B/R had conveniently yanked our free subscription feed and loaded us up as “Senior Analysts” even though we had never been contacted.

And thanks to that fancy integration model we mentioned, material Bleacher Report quietly snatched from us two years ago can magically appear to be content provided by the Post-Dispatch, without either party ever knowing about it…

We suppose the PD is hoping there are a few jewels to be found out of the 5,000 new writers they just brought aboard.

Best of luck on that.


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