The Siren Song of Howard Griffith


Even before the glory days of Patrick, Kilborn, and yes, even Olbermann, sports highlight show anchors have long been notorious for coming up with “catch phrases” or recurring bits to use in their highlight segments. Some are good. Some are bad. Some start out as good, but after hearing them 100,000 times make you wish the originator would up with some new material once every decade or so (see Chris Berman).

College football analyst and ex-Fighting Illini running back Howard Griffith has a recurring bit that has kind of slipped under the radar of most folks. Please to enjoy a montage of said bit:

Personally, I think Griffith’s siren is hilarious. But it hasn’t received much attention, probably because A) it’s the Big Ten Network and B) it’s a pretty old reference to  Eddie Murphy Raw where the comedian-turned-terrible-children’s-movie-actor jokes about getting pulled over by homosexual police officers for making too many gay jokes.

Which might make the Big Ten Network the official home of something other than Iowa women’s field hockey. Namely, the home of obscure twenty-plus year-old Eddie Murphy references.

Remember, when you think of garbage, think of the Big Ten Network. I mean Akeem.



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