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The next episode of Bryan Burwell’s “Upon Further Review” hit the inter webs today. Because the media chief Dan Caesar is employed (read: we think he gets paid) by the Post-Dispatch, there’s very little chance that he’ll look at his institution’s new installment with a critical eye.

Thus, we continue our series entitled, “Upon Further(er) Review”.

Released: December 11th, 2012 (link)
Cast: Bryan Burwell, Joe Strauss

Show structure

In last week’s review, we questioned the overarching setup of the weekly endeavor. Is Burwell the host? Is he the one being interviewed? Both? Ultimately, the show format means very little. After all, one of the advantages of a web-based show is the flexibility to change the format without abandoning the sunk cost of a high-end set or graphics package.

However, it would be nice if this project pursued some creativity beyond “two experts talking into a camera”. It’s bizarre that the “Pardon the Interruption” paradigm still has so much appeal, given that it first aired in 2001. It’s not a unique concept.

At the very least, if “Upon Further Review” is going to borrow this model, they should realize that PTI’s success has very little to do with two industry “experts”. It’s about personality and creative visual games for the viewers. This episode had neither.

The content

Perhaps our biggest problem with this episode (and the apparent direction of the series) is that Bryan Burwell and the Post-Dispatch think that St. Louis cares about their opinion on just about anything.  Let’s just sit in front of a camera and talk some sports, eh?

In fact, given that the topics ranged from the Rams…to the Heisman Trophy, you could argue that the collective production group think anyone will care about what Post-Dispatch thinks.


The Post-Dispatch should be dominating the local landscape before taking on ESPN, FOX Sports and the countless number of other national outlets covering sports. Do one thing well; not five. It’s like a restaurant that claims to be “good at everything”. Chances are, it’s all mediocre. Focus.

So much “MADDEN”

If you said the word “Madden” to anyone under the age of 30, they’re going to associate it with the popular video game series. They *may* know that it’s the brainchild of a successful NFL broadcaster, but that’s neither here nor there. Regardless, you have to appreciate the irony of the Post-Dispatch targeting a younger, savvy audience…while throwing copies of a “Madden” BOOK in front of their faces. Haha. Book.

And why place two copies of the same book on the desk, you ask?

Because it’s written by this guy, of course. Expert.

Overall Grade

Upon further review, we’re giving this episode a solid C-, which is an improvement from last week.  The inclusion of other Post-Dispatch talent is critical to this show’s appeal because they all bring something different to the table.  That being said, can we move beyond the “expert talking into the camera” mantra and get a little more ambitious?  Pretty please?

It avoided a failing grade simply because it didn’t involve Noah Coslov.


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