Zip Rzeppa’s version of Moneyball


When it comes to laying out analysis on how the Cardinals should go about building their team in today’s financially unique market, no one has a strategy as revolutionary as former KTVI and KMOX sports director Zip Rzeppa.  Zip popped up on the gimmicky “Just Saying” portion of the KSDK newscast last night to give his concise opinion on what the Cardinals plan should be this offseason.  His strategy? When it comes to money, in his words, “don’t go cheap, don’t go crazy”.

If they ever do a sequel to the smash book Moneyball, Zip may be on the short list to solicit for some advice.  Cardinals fans are just hopeful that John Mozeliak was sitting in front of his slingbox in Florida jotting down notes because we don’t want him going cheap or crazy. 

Zip’s advice could be applied not just to baseball but to many things in life – buying Christmas presents, getting your first plate at a buffet, subtly mocking a news segment that should be called “just saying, that we’re doing this as a gimmick without saying anything at all”

And as a bonus, it gave us a valid excuse to pull an old Zippo’s clip on Youtube which may have made it all worthwhile…

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