The Rams just can’t quit Steve Spagnuolo

Let’s say you’re remotely interested in attending the Rams Training Camp.

You can do one of two things:

1.) Head to, hover over the “TEAM” menu option and click on the “Training Camp” link.

Oh, ouch.


Okay, fine.

Maybe it’s an outdated link.  In these instances, we call upon Google’s support and resort to option #2.

2.) Google “rams training camp”.

Ouch.  Strike two.


Even “Steve Spagnuolo” is cached somewhere in Google’s magical internet land.

Even more depressing is some of the inner content about the 2010 Training Camp.

Such as this analysis of the upcoming squad:

Spagnuolo begins his second season with the Rams. In 2009, Spagnuolo established a solid foundation, a sound nucleus from which the team could build upon.

Such hope; such promise.

And actually, the Rams finished 7-9-0 in 2010, but that “solid foundation” went 2-14-0 the following year.

Regardless, the Rams need to update their website.

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