We Brought A ZOU

The format of the Mizzou chant eerily resembles that of a knock-knock joke.  One large group yells “M-I-Z”.  Another large group responds with “Z-O-U”.  This complex cycle of human interaction usually continues until someone passes out from oxygen deficiency or sees something shiny.

However, only the most talented of wordsmiths could be responsible for such a beautifully crafted chant of unmatched brilliance and originality.  Then contrast the chant’s elegant simplicity with Auburn’s “War Eagle” battle cry.  That particular utterance maintains a position akin to that of a party cube in an IPA world.  It’s distastefully crude and guttural.

As a matter of fact, all Auburn has going for it is a solid football pedigree, Bo Jackson as an alum, an SEC “old guard” superiority complex, ridiculously sexy southern accents…..

…well, never mind.

Those are all cool things, but Mizzou clearly has the better school cheer.  The Auburn cry can be performed by simply mimicking Sauron’s voice broadcast into a toilet.  It lacks sophistication, but at least Auburn fans have no trouble with it.  “M-I-Z  Z-O-U” may not seem much better, but at least it requires that Mizzou fans know how to spell.

Advantage M-I-Z….



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  1. When Mizzou was in the process of lieavng the Big WTF for the SEC, I had the impression that Pinkel wasn’t wild about the move and would have preferred staying put. Of course, neither was Mike Sherman at A&M, who is no longer around.

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