Bob Ramsey takes on the A-10 Referees

Throughout his lengthy career as a local sports talk show host, Bob Ramsey has been no stranger to bickering with rabid callers on the air.  It comes with the show, and Rammer has had a few of those on the local airwaves (last estimated at 345).  Like most in his profession, he is never one to shy away from debate, especially when it comes to his beloved SLU Billikens basketball team, for whom he has served as the play-by-play voice for over 25 years.

But during the games, Ramsey is typically not concerned about getting into verbal spats. He’s got a job to do.  That is, unless the verbal spat is about the officiating in the game…and the person confronting him is an actual official.   Tuesday night against VCU, we got to experience that little tangle live on the air:

Hey, if the official wants to take this outside, we know Earl Austin has Rammer’s back.

The cover hoto of Ramsey stiff-arming the referee courtesy of JSF-contributor @buckswope.

Seriously, this photo deserves a Pulitzer.  Or a pair of Jack in the Box tacos.

Either will suffice.



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  1. If you’re thin-skinned, you have no business being a ref.

  2. Bo Borowoski has cheap shoted the Akron Zips for years.

    He calls ticky-tacky fouls on Zeke Marshall (Akron’s NBA bound)
    seven foot center every chance Bo gets.

    He is roundly HATED in Akron.

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