Albert Pujols is going to kill Ryan Franklin. Right after he gets dressed.


Most Major League baseball teams have one player on the roster that embraces the world of Twitter.

The Yankees have Nick Swisher.  The Rays have David Price.  The Astros have Hunter Pence.  The Reds have Brandon Phillips, who is less literate than a soup can.  The Cardinals?  They have Ryan Franklin.

Well, at least, for now.

The Cardinals closer tweeted the following picture from the training room before the Cardinals’ game against the Braves on Tuesday morning.

No big deal, right?

Just a picture of singer, David Nail, who is back at the Cardinals Spring Training after “trying out” for the team last year – a process that was documented by CMT’s web-series entitled, “Making the Team”.

But, not so fast.

Because we’re snarky bloggers that sit around all day, with nothing to do but wait for athletes to pop up in the background of photos wearing nothing but underpants, we noticed something particularly interesting about Franklin’s snap.

Yessir, that’s Mr. Albert Pujols, in his skivvies….looking, well, not so pleased that Franklin is snapping cell phone pictures so carelessly.

We’re hoping this doesn’t mean the end of Franklin’s tweeting, because he is particularly charismatic and entertaining.  But we do fear Franklin’s continuation in cyber space after Pujols’ people discover the snafu.  Heck, Franklin’s original tweet has even already been deleted.

What we need here is a positive spin.

You see, kids.  Albert Pujols wears tighty-whiteys.  You wear tighty-whiteys.  You don’t have to strive to be just like him; you are him.  Now go out and buy some new Hanes underpants.


tweet: @MattSebek





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