Bizarro Cardinals Memorabilia Trivia


Nothing gives better insight into the unique (read: passionate) nature of some Cardinals fans than a trip to eBay.  There is obviously a plethora of autographs and standard attire that most teams offer up, but as a complement we also get access to a nice collection bizarro items that stretch the term “memorabilia”.

In that pile is where we found the feature piece in this round of Bizarro Cardinals Memorabilia Trivia.  The question that was posed on Twitter last night was simple: take a look at this hand painted portrait of a former Cardinals player and throw out your best guess as to who it is.  Oh yeah, it’s on a bowling pin:

After being up for a few hours, we saw a wide range of mustachioed Cardinals tossed out there as potential honorees.  Those included:

Keith Hernandez
Mike Ramsey
Ken Oberkfell
Dennis Eckersley
Vince Coleman
Lonnie Smith
Tom Brunansky
Ken Reitz
Jose Oquendo
Willie McGee
Tom Lawless
Todd Worrell

And, after much debate, Bob Netherton – a Birds fan in Dallas and going by the Twitter handle @throatwarbler – threw out the unlikely name that adorns the back of the bowling pin jersey this rotund character had strapped on…

Tony Pena?  Let’s just say that, if I didn’t have the proof staring back at me, I’d probably be about 200 names down the list without stumbling upon Tony Pena.  For those who remember his relatively short stint in St. Louis, we’re assuming you can agree that this bowling pin isn’t exactly the spitting image of the former Cardinals catcher.

But we’re never one to rip an aspiring artist looking to spice up a standard bowling accessory.  This piece appears to simply be an abstract expression of the Cardinals franchise when the trade was made to acquire him before the 1987 season.

And considering the end goal of the piece is to drill it with a bowling ball, we’re assuming said artist might not have been a fan of sending Andy Van Slyke and Mike Lavalliere to Pittsburgh in return.


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