Blues Showing the Cardinals Don’t Corner the Market on Family-Friendly


Perhaps more than anything else, St. Louis is widely known for two things: as a great sports town and a great place to raise a family.

With numerous promotions for the tykes like free ice cream on Sundays and autograph sessions, the Cardinals have long been considered the best example of the union of these two qualities.

There are even family-friendly restrooms at Busch Stadium that provide private areas for fans bringing their small children to the game, complete with baby changing stations as well as rooms for nursing mothers. How convenient.

But hold on, say the St. Louis Blues. We’re friendly to families. Damn friendly.

We too have giveaways. We too have a mascot that kids love but cannot possibly comprehend, Louie. We also have the Jr. Blue Note Kids Club.

And parents…don’t ever hesitate to bring your little ones with poopy diapers to the Scottrade Center, because we’ve got family-friendly restrooms too:

On second thought, I have to admit, when I think “baby changing station in the men’s room at a Blues game” this is exactly what comes to mind. I mean, for your average Bloosier, this may actually qualify as acceptable.

At least the little baby Bloosier has some sweet toys to play with to keep him occupied while he’s getting his diaper changed. Why look, it’s Mr. Bud Light Bottle Head! Not to mention a sopping wet paper towel that can double as a security blanket.

Between the regular doses of heavy metal music (our favorite is Pantera) interspersed with an obnoxiously loud fog horn, the screaming, the fighting, the cold, and the widespread drunkenness, what kind of a toothless trailer park bumpkin actually thinks it’s a good idea to take a baby to a Blues game anyway?

If you’re willing to put your baby through all that, I guess the only question is which smoke-filled bar to take him to afterwards to celebrate another thrilling Blues win.

“Hey…what’s that next to my Natty Light bucket? Oh yeah, that’s my son.”



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