BR8KING NEWZ: Rasmus Struggles to Grasp Baseball Equipment


According to the faux Post-Dispatch, after hearing Tony LaRussa claim that Tyler Greene might get some playing time in centerfield this season, a distracted Colby Rasmus once again made the ultimate error when reporting for flyball shagging duty this morning…

The incident has given more ammo to LaRussa as he is set to begin his yearly campaign pretending that he is confident in Rasmus while secretly planning to find reasons to bench him in favor of pet projects or cagey veterans.  With Jim Edmonds  having announced his retirement, LaRussa is scouring the waiver wire for popular former Cardinals with the goal being to reduce negative fan reaction when he sits Rasmus for alledgedly trying to hit homeruns.

Ray Lankford and Lonnie Smith are believed to be on LaRussa’s radar.

When polled about who they will blame for the Rasmus/LaRussa annual clashing of heads, Cardinals Nation remains divided between LaRussa, Rasmus and both.

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