Breaking News: Jim Edmonds Not Thrilled to Be Playing Baseball


Let’s make this quick.

Jim Edmonds isn’t exactly elated to be wearing a Major League uniform, despite not playing competitively since 2005 – figuratively speaking, of course.  Even more newsworthy; he doesn’t find Spring Training to be overly stimulated.  Big surprise there. Senior Writer, Ed Price, recently spoke to Edmonds at the Brewers’ training facility in Maryvale, Arizona.

“Some days,” he said last week, “driving in, I think [WTF].”

We’re guessing that the quote brackets above are to stress emphasis, as opposed to brevity.  If there’s one athlete who would actually say, “WTF”….it’s probably Edmonds.

When asked about playing time, and his future on the 2010 Brewers squad, Edmonds went on to say…

“It depends on the role,” he said. “If the role kind of diminishes, then I feel like I can just walk away. If it stays true to what they said and I get a chance to play a lot, then I’m all for it. We’ll see how it goes.”

How courteous of Mr. Edmonds; if he gets to play a lot, he’ll stick around.  If not, walk away with $850,000 in his pocket.

Until then, WTF.



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