Busch Stadium’s “Softball Village” is Outfitted with a Tarp. Seriously.


There must be something big brewing at the area informally known as “Softball Village” because we received several “tips” on Tuesday afternoon/night that the field was outfitted with a tarp.

Due to the power of these internets, several readers emailed us some photos after we requested immediate verification via Twitter.  Hat tip, Internet.  You flat out kick tail.  So do you, Jason….who gladly sent the following photos with the message, “If there’s one thing overweight, 45 year old men need, it’s a pristine softball field.”

Touché, Jason.  Touché.

At this point, we’re unsure why the tarp is being used.

1.) It’s not raining today.  It sprinkled a *bit* yesterday, but we haven’t experienced torrential downpour in over a week.

2.) The field has never had a tarp on it.  Never.  Not once.  Even in the rainy days preceding the All Star Game events last summer, no tarp.  In fact, at the time, we made the following observation over at JoeSportsFan.com

It’s also clear that this mini field wasn’t fitted for a tarp.  The Sunday afternoon downpour in St. Louis may have gotten the best of this puppy.  Watch your ankles, softball enthusiasts.

Strange, to say the least.   We have our best people (read: no one) following up on this oddity.

Nevertheless, we’re wondering where the token St. Louis Post-Dispatch tarp advertisement is on this particular version.  Maybe it’s not for them.  That’s cool.  Maybe a rival publication should jump at the opportunity.


Riverfront Times?


Editor’s Note: 3 Blogging Points deducted from this entry for failure to integrate a Vince Coleman reference.


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