Cards Fans Find a Way to Steal Even Negative Thunder From the Royals


When it comes to Royals baseball, it’s reasonable to say that they get sick of the Cardinals from time to time.  Their team is 250 miles away, in a different league and yet they hear about and from their Missouri counterparts far too often. 

We claim we have the best fans (KC translation: most cocky), we claim we have the best franchise in baseball (KC translation: even more cocky), we claim they have an “inferiority complex” against us (KC translation: only inferior when it comes to murder rankings)  we claim that it took a historic umpiring blunder to hand them their only moment of glory (KC translation: we’re still bitter about ’85), etc.

Last night was no different.  Everyone had to point out that the Royals former pride and joy – Carlos Beltran – now plays here.  Prince Fielder won the HR Derby and it was immediately noted that it was the second time he’d won in Missouri because he did it in St. Louis first.  A former Cardinal who retired last year is the freaking manager for god’s sake.

But there was one moment that Royals fans had to themselves last night.  They booed the hell out of Robinson Cano.  After all, Cano had promised that the Royals would have their All-Star rep on the Homerun Derby squad, then had it yanked from them when Cano went with three guys not named Billy Butler.  They lashed out with a fit of boos that became more comical than mean-spirited as Cano bumbled his way through his 0-10 performance in the event. 

Without any hesitation, media outlets such as came rushing out crafting overexaggerated stories about the classless hooligans in Kauffman Stadium that had soured a baseball tradition.   They even broke out the snappy headline and dramatic photo. 

And just when Royals fans thought that insufferable Cardinals fans couldn’t butt-in on this moment, somehow one managed to shove himself front and center:

Sure, Cardinals fan, you slide your way into front row seats at an event being held in Kansas City, and strap on your bright red shirt with the Cardinals logo smack dab in the middle, and suddenly become the loudest, most passionate Robinson Cano hater in the amongst the group.  But no, that wasn’t enough.  To top it off, you had to go and photobomb the headline picture in an article entitled “Royal Jerks”.  They couldn’t even get an article ripping on them without a Cardinals fan shoving his mug in front of everyone.

Next thing you know, the Cardinals will rub salt in the wound by trading scrub prospects for Billy Butler.



  • Josh in Denver says:

    Atta Boy Nate! First off, nice work reppn’ the Cards! Next, nice job giving Cano what he deserved. B squared deserved to be on the squad. Someone had to let him know what he did was ignorant.

    I’m glad it was my boy! If I was there I would have been right there with ya!

    Go Cards!

    J I D

  • Hank Aaron says:

    Who is the good looking skinny guy in the blue shirt behind the cards fan, that is who the article shoudl be about???

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