Do YOU want an authentic Dennys Reyes locker nameplate? [CARDS]


Apparently, the St. Louis Cardinals spent the Thanksgiving break cleaning out the bowels of Busch Stadium.

They debuted a gaggle of “authentic” memorabilia items on their MLB-affiliate website on Wednesday afternoon, because let’s face it, every Cardinals fan desires a gift of the red and white variety during the holiday season.

But not every fan wants something that highlights the superstars or regular fan-favorites.  This Christmas, get your loved ones something a little more obscure.  Do authentic nameplates from the lockers of Mitchell Boggs, Daniel Descalso and Ron Villone tickle your buying-bone?

Hey, not everyone wants something with Pujols, Carpenter, or Holliday’s name on it.

The Cardinals want you to think outside the box for token stocking stuffers, dammit.  Just make sure you take $74.99 with you outside that box if you want to purchase the nameplate from Dennys Reyes locker.

Actually, our sources tell us that his name plate was actually placed above the locker room deep freezer.  If you zoom in on that item in the Cardinals online shop, you can actually see remnants of mustard stains left behind.

And yes, they’re included in the price.



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