Don Denkinger Unwillingly Celebrates the 25-Year Reunion Of, Well, You Know…


Immediately following the broadcast of Armando Galarraga’s not-so-perfect game on Wednesday night, MLB umpire Jim Joyce turned himself over to the fickle beast known as the information superhighway.

Blogs, bold headlines, Twitter, Facebook groups, millions of views on YouTube videos….all documenting Joyce’s error in judgment.

Locally, it was tough to discuss the erroneous call without at least mentioning (read: weeping over) the infamous Don Denkinger snafu in the ’85 World Series.  This morning, we mentioned that Denkinger had it easy, relatively speaking (you know, minus the persistent death threats).  His mistake didn’t occur in a digitally-obsessed culture of message boards and immediate distribution.  If you wanted to painfully relive the event, you uncovered “Heck of a Year” from the entertainment center and popped it in the trusty VHS player.  That was it.

It’s much easier to point the finger at Joyce today, because of the tremendously-accessible platform of the internet.

Even though Denkinger didn’t endure such malcontent in 1985, he’s coming along for the ride today.  Perhaps it’s fate that the Kansas City Royals are celebrating their 1985 World Series Championship throughout the entirety of the 2010 season.  A 25-year reunion of sorts.  Denkinger gets his own 25-year reunion today.  Guilty by association and grandfathered into digital scolding.

In fact, in Thursday afternoon’s Google Trends results – which monitor the top search terms/phrases – Denkinger finds himself more *popular* than Jim Joyce.  Craziness.

Don Denkinger’s infamy, especially in the wake of Jim Joyce’s delinquency, has been documented by news outlets across the country today.  In addition to this post, here are a variety of other places where local masochists can relive the horror of 1985.

- Too Little, Too Late for Don Denkinger (

- Don Denkinger Support Replay in Baseball (

- Don Denkinger Has Words Of Advice For Jim Joyce (NY Daily News)

- ESPN’s Interview with Don Denkinger on Thursday (YouTube)


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